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Why Copper Mugs?

Much has been made about the fact that the Moscow Mule is served in icy cold solid copper mugs with many a cocktail pundit theorizing about just why that is and whether there is any actual benefit experienced by using such a drinking vessel. Some are convinced that the use of the copper mug in relation to the Mule is just a marketing stunt that caught on. But while it’s true that the copper cup was at least initially part of a clever idea to draw attention to the new drink when it was first introduced, the fact is that these mugs come with a bevy of benefits that deserve a closer look.

Copper Mugs Serve up Unexpected Benefits

Serving a Moscow Mule in a cup made of solid copper may have begun as a kind of curiosity but today there’s no way any self-respecting barkeep serves a mule in anything else. Thankfully there are also a few very real benefits to the use of copper drinking mugs and below are a few of our favorites:

  • Taste: Some will claim that the vessel you drink from makes no impact on the actual taste of what you’re drinking, but they would be wrong. While you’ll enjoy some taste benefit regardless of whether your copper cups are lined or not, unlined mugs will allow trace amounts of copper to seep into the drink affecting the taste in subtle but delightful ways. Most people with developed palettes will attest to the fact that the icy cold copper enhances the flavor of the ginger beer and that vodka drank from a copper Moscow Mule mug is not the same as vodka drank from a glass. Lime can also benefit from interaction with the copper walls of the mug causing a noticeable reduction in acidity and a smoother overall flavor for the cocktail.

  • Health: Copper is well known for its medicinal properties and is also a necessary mineral that enables vital functions of the body to proceed normally. Copper is essential for healthy skin, is crucial in allowing connections in the brain to fire properly, influences the operation of the thyroid and may play a role in preventing certain types of cancer. When you drink from a copper mug you ingest trace amounts of copper enabling your system to maintain proper levels of the mineral and therefore head off a rash of potential problems.

  • Temp: Before serving a chilled drink in a copper mug you should make sure to put the mug in the refrigerator for a while. This will help ensure that your Moscow Mule is icy cold from first sip to last. With the metal doing its part to cool things down the ice cubes don’t have to carry the cold burden by themselves and the chill they release into the liquid won’t be quickly dissipated through the walls of the drinking vessel, as it is with a standard glass. Using the mug’s handle to hold the drink also keeps your nice warm hands off the side of the mug which helps the drink retain its icy cold profile.

  • Panache: A case could be made that the most obvious, if not important, benefit of drinking from a copper mug is the sheer joie de vivre of it all. Sure, the drink tastes better and it stays nice and icy cold right down to the last sip and you’ll enjoy some subtle but real health benefits as well. But none of those really compare to just being able to hold one of these incredible mugs in your hand while exchanging witty repartee with friends and acquaintances. You’ll look incredibly cutting edge yet stylishly retro and cool at the same time and everyone, everyone will want to know what you’re drinking and where can they get one.

Copper Moscow Mule mugs long ago shook off their novelty aspect and became fixtures on the cocktail circuit first because the Moscow Mule called for them, second because they helped enhance the flavor of the drink and third because of unmatched aesthetic qualities that harked back to pre-industrial times while also embracing the new. If you’re debating whether or not to invest in these old-world style mugs rest assured that you can’t go wrong.


As you can probably tell those that attempt to downplay copper Moscow Mule mugs by either trying to hang the ‘gimmick’ tag around their lip or by claiming a complete lack of benefits associated with them are whistling into the wind. The copper mug has proven its aesthetic and practical benefits time and time again and only gains in popularity as the years roll by. Moscowmulemugs.com carries a full line of beautiful, timeless copper mugs in various styles to meet all your cocktail and other beverage needs. Have a look around.